About Estaş Iron Skillet

Established in 1977, ESTAS is Turkey’s first and largest camshaft production facility. Estaş, which made production for the spare parts market in the first years, started to produce camshafts for the main industry companies (OEM) since 1979. Today, 16 automotive vehicle manufacturers in Turkey and abroad use ESTAS camshafts in their engines. In addition to being an original part manufacturer, ESTAŞ exports camshafts to the spare parts market of 40 countries. In the production program of ESTAŞ, there are more than 2500 camshafts belonging to vehicle and device engines throughout the world. ESTAŞ produces with 971 employees in Sivas, where the casting and camshaft production factories are organized in an integrated manner on an area of 60,000 m² closed and a total of 112,000 m².
Estaş uncoated cast iron skillet kitchenware, which is an unusual use in our country, has been accepted in the world and its natural use has been this way for years. Thank you for choosing our Estaş uncoated cast iron skillet.
Success for us is to serve you well.

Estaş Tava

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